Lydia and Stiles + banter

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Bloody Fairy Tales ;  Little Red Riding Hood 

In the deep dark forest you will find a young, beautiful girl dressed in a cape the colour of fresh blood and the crimson moon. She lures travellers in, all scarlett smiles and longing looks. There’s a wolf, she whispers as you follow her further into the darkness, it has fur darker than the abyss, yellow eyes all the better to see you with and a big mouth with the sharpest teeth you’ve ever seen. You’re screaming and your blood is splattering the ground like spilt wine when you realise too late. She is the wolf. She is the big bad wolf in the deep dark forest and she has swallowed you whole.

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Aggressive/Dramatic Zuko that make me giggle.

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30 Days of Doctor Who
↳ 29. The moment you fell in love with Doctor Who

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Headcanon that after the battle of Hogwarts, George dyes his hair an outrageous colour, and at first Molly is mad, but then she hears George whisper “I kept thinking it was him in the mirror”. 


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has anyone done this already? Can we have a Cell Block Tango cover with the Game of Thrones cast please?

if you say you didn’t hear Peter Dinklage singing every one of these lines then you are a lying liar who lies

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How to make your own deodorant.

How to make pigtails without a part.

How to make your own fragrances.

How to have Game of Thrones hair.

How to make horn buns.


How to make a lolita dress.

How to make bloomers.

How to make a dress form.

How to make glass lanterns.

How to make comic shoes.

How to make cute hair bows.

How to sew some neat skirts!

How to make plastic keychains.

How to make cosplay armor.

How to make lip stain.

How to make a giant squid.

How to make a flower crown.


Pixar movies.

Hayao Miyazaki movies.

Disney movies.

Dreamworks movies.

Movies to watch when it’s raining.

Great science fiction movies.


How to draw correct proportions.

How to draw/shade faces and folds.

How to draw animal noses.

How to create skin tone palettes.

Fashion inspiration.

How to draw bat wings.

Hairstyle inspiration (for girls).

Good typography fonts.

How to draw boobs.

How to shade (water and cell).

Instant art assignment.

Pretty cool ideas.

How to make a repeating pattern.


How to pack luggage.

How to work out like a dork.

How to fix your sore throat.

How to answer a job interview.

How to always get the best deals.

How to dress to the nines.

How to disappear.

How to go on a cute date.

How to not get raped.

How to bypass expensive wifi.

How to balance a checkbook.

How to catch shinies.

How to fight.


What can I cook?

Vegan recipes.

How to cook ramen.

How to handle your leftovers.

How to make Harry Potter Drinks.

How to make good spaghetti.

How to make hummus.

How to make green smoothies.

How to make a salad.

How to cook with tofu.

How to make eggs.

How to make dildo popsicles.

feeling crummy?

You’re worthwhile.

Letting it out doesn’t have to leave a scar.

Your emotions are valid.

It’s a beautiful world.

Take care of yourself (ftm).

You are beautiful.

(No matter what you say.)

You’re the best!

How to live.

Lot’s of people love you.

You’re wonderful even if you don’t see it yourself.

You deserve to relax.

Slow down.

This earth is incredible.

You deserve life.

You deserve life.

You deserve life.

You deserve life.

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The power of Cosplay



If I reply with “oh” I either don’t give a fuck or I feel like i’ve been punched in the throat

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stelena shippers rising from the grave like


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"You don’t need the instructions, when was the last time you’ve ever used instructions? Am I right? You don’t need them because you are too smart to waste your time with them, okay? You can figure it out. Stiles, you’re the one who always figures it out. So you can do it. Figure. It. Out.” - Lydia, “More Bad Than Good”

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favourite character meme | eight quotes

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                                             Was it  e n o u g h ?

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